Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Prayer

After a restless night's sleep the other night, I decided to write down my thoughts. It ended up being this prayer: Dear God, I praise you for your omnipotence,  awesomeness, holiness.  I praise you because you are a mighty, wonderful, loving God.  Thank you for your mercy, thank you for saving even me, thank you for your love and care.  Thank you for always working all things together for good.  Thank you for knowing what is in our hearts, even before we ask.  Thank you for your goodness.   My Lord and my God, thank you for giving us a heart to adopt.  Thank you for what you have already done in this adoption and what you are going to do.   Lord,  I find myself feeling discouraged, weak, alone, and helpless in this process.  Please forgive me for my doubts and fears. Please help me to wipe away these feelings and rely on You completely.  Your works are wonderful, thank you for being a God of compassion and comfort. Please  help me to trust in You and rely on Your perfect timing.  Please give me a renewed energy to complete your work.  Please prepare our hearts and minds for what you have for us.   Lord, please prepare your chosen  child's heart to be ready to be part of this family.  Give him peaceful nights sleep, give him nourishment, calm his cry.  Please heal emotional and physical ailments he may have and Lord, may we please get to him soon?   Please prepare all of our family's hearts to accept this child and cherish this child, just as you already do.  Break our hearts for what breaks Yours. And Lord, I know this adoption can only come from you.  Please show me the next steps you want me to take.  Please help me to trust.  You have everything in control. Thank you for this miracle you are doing in this adoption.  May  we give you all the praise and glory with every step...both the highs and the lows. I can't thank you enough for giving me breathe, and for blessing even me with Robert and our kids.  I'm so undeserving and yet your mercy is astounding and humbly brings me to tears.  Thank you, my God, my Savior, my Father. I pray in Your name, Amen

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